Armin van Buuren @ The Quest, Minneapolis

Update on March 22nd, 2014

These photos are from Armin van Buuren's performance at The Quest (now Epic) in Minneapolis MN on August 9th, 2003. From what I remember, this night was superb. I went with Kristina this night.

One track that I kept playing for her was Junkie XL - Blue Pill Red Pill. Her and everyone else basically considered this track dumb as it symbolized the repetitive and stereotypical nature of "techno" track for those days. Mostly, it was the repeating "Take the blue pill, take the red pill." lyrics that kept playing over and over again.

Well, listening to that track on your computer speakers, versus hearing it live in a venue are completely different animals. Kristina completely changed her mind about the track after hearing it this night.

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