here's the updated roster of work that i must accomplish by the end of the week and beyond
cs363 - Assignment #7 due Mon Apr 5th done
cs363 - Group Project Step 1 due Mon Apr 5th underway
math403 - Assignment #9 due Fri Apr 2nd done
cs223 - Project 4 due Apr 2nd done
cs223 - Project 5 due Apr 14th
cs223 - Group Project Step 2 due Apr 7th completed
se273 - Group Project - High-level class diagram due thur Apr 1st
se273 - Group Project - Detailed Class Diagram due tue Apr 6th
se273 - Group Project - Rough Draft Design Doc due wed Apr 7th
se273 - Group Project - Final Draft Design Doc due tue Apr 13th
work - Finish Invitation Details by Apr 2nd
work - Complete Banquet Page by Apr 2nd eeep..
work - Complete Yearbook Page by Apr 2nd well underway

modern algebra is coming along too... Assignments 1 through 13 are completed forever... but
Assignment #14 Chapter 8 problem 2, 6, 10, 20
Assignment #15 Chapter 8 problem 46
Assignment #16 Chapter 9 problem 28, 29, 30, 32, 46
Assignment #17 Chapter 10 problem 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12
Assignment #18 Chapter 10 problem 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24

It's still early in the week.. i've got plenty of time to do this.. i hope.. tomorrow i gotta run out to madison to but money into my checking account to pay for my visa bill.. and i'll probably stop off at suncoast and buy that slick looking matrix reloaded cap i saw. i can't spend too much time in madison though, i need to get back and get this stuff done.

today for lunch i filled my belly with samyang brand sogokimyun ramen. this stuff ended up just like the last samyang ramen. sludge. i dunno, i added a little more water this time, but similar results. other than that, it tasted pretty good. a very rebust strong flavor. pretty good. not all THAT great, but pretty good. 3 1/2 out of 5 korean stars.

BUT, after i had sapporo ichiban brand kitsune japanese style noodle with fried bean curd & soup base. this stuff... i can't begin to describe this stuff. it began looking promising, though the hint of beef in the seasoning alerting my taste buds to prepare for the runny meat flavor i was sure to encounter. cooking the stuff wasn't so bad. the ramen was made into a square, but it was not engineered into a square. the noodles were more beefy than regular ramen, and were arranged quite randomly, so they broke up quite nicely in the boiling water.

inside with the soup base, was a chunk of fried been curd. i'm not one to judge food before i taste it, so i threw it into the dish. i don't know if it was suppose to break up because it certainly didn't. it stayed one big chunk while i cooked it, and even after i served it. hehe, now that i look on the cover of the package, it's cut. that's a good idea... oops. i put the whole thing in my mouth at once in an attempt to eat it. *BARF.. ugh.. i can't describe how terrible this stuff tasted. i suppose the closest thing i could think is vomit.. because thats what my mouth tasted like after i spit it out into the garbage.. ugh.. maybe its better in tiny cuts and small doses, but DO NOT chow down on it.

even after that shit, the ramen still had the slight runny beef taste. but the noodles were pretty good, not bad stuff. i give this ramen a 2 1/2 out of 5 japanese stars.. sapporo ichiban has potential, i don't know why they keep fucking up so much.. there must be a good ichiban ramen out there. this'll be my goal the next time i get to mitsuwa. for some reason, the asian market doesn't have any of the stuff... hey, maybe its a good reason.

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