Dance Dance Revolution

Someone asked me today if they were going to buy any version of Dance Dance Revolution on Playstation 2, what would I recommend.  It's an easy question to answer if they could play Japanese copies, but as for American games, it's a little difficult.  I replied that my favorite American versions are DDR Max 2 and DDR Extreme 2.  Both games have great track listings and premiered some of my favorite DDR songs..  such as Paranoia Survivor, Quickening and Seduction.

Thinking about Dance Dance Revolution brings back some great memories of setting up in the SPAMM haus, McGregor basement and the Computer labs in the PSC.  We played the hell out of all the Playstation 2 versions..  It really grew into a group game..  As far as video games go, I usually prefer playing single games.. but DDR is completely social to me.  I really can't play by myself..  too boring.

I'm starting to lag behind in the games...  not in owning them though.  My American collection of DDR games is complete (except for the disney mix), but there's a bunch I haven't played..  3 weekends ago, I finally completely my xbox ddr collection, but I've never played any of them..  No xbox pad.  I have DDR Universe.. but no 360 pad...  and now there's a wii version too.

In fact...  Konami has been over saturating the market with DDR games, but fails to do anything new..  Last year, Konami released 3 seperate version of DDR.  DDR Supernova (ps2), DDR Ultramix 4 (xbox) and DDR Universe (360), and this year we have another 3 games..  DDR Supernova 2 (ps2), DDR Universe 2 (360), and DDR Hottest Party (wii).

Apparently, DDR Wii actually does have a little bit of innovation.  They've added in arm movements with the Wii-mote, and also added mines, like In The Groove..  but there's so much going on, it's like starting DDR all over again..  maybe that's not such a bad thing.

It's unfortunate that DDR has become so lame over the years that even if I tried to start another DDR club or group, I would lose interest rather quickly..  I prefer playing in the arcades anyways.  There's a more social atmosphere of everyone around you, rather than a group of 10 people focused on a single game.

I wish West-side had an arcade...  or..  if Chucke-Cheese or the bowling alley would get DDR Supernova..  I would be very happy.  I'd walk there everyday to keep that thing in business.

Blah blah blah... i think i'm going to play some DDR Universe w/ controller.

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