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I've found that Daily Mail has had some great informative articles acompanied with great photo spreads about the disaster in Japan. Here's a couple recent articles:
Exposed: Nuclear fuel rods inside wrecked Japan reactor as experts predict radioactive plume could reach U.S. TODAY
Courage of the Fukushima fifty: This is suicide, admit workers trying to avert a catastrophe
Dark days in ghost town of Tokyo: The deserted streets of a once vibrant capital now crippled by power cuts
'We have been betrayed': Mayor of town near stricken Japanese nuclear plant claims his people have been 'abandoned'
Elderly patients left to die in hospital six miles from Japan's stricken nuclear power plant

Another few sites that have had some great information about what is going on over there are some blogs that I follow about Japanese News in general.
News on Japan:
Japan Probe:


It seems that Tokyo feels like a ghost town. Many buildings have cut off all non-essential power and the extremely bright city is now dimmed. The streets that are usually overwhelmed with people are now empty. Everyone is at home indoors. Most businesses aren't operating because of the power loss, so people don't have much to do. A friend of mine lives in Tokyo, and he's says that he's pretty much bored. There's not much to do when work is canceled and the power is out.

Narita Airport

As I mentioned before, I had a trip to Japan all figured out before the earthquake happened. I was set to leave next Thursday March 24th. I was flying out on United and they've granted anyone with tickets before March 31st a chance to rebook their flight for free (link). So, I'm in the process of doing that now. My trip will be postponed to May or June sometime.

I'm not really worried about the danger so much, but I would be one more person in the way and using up resources in a city where most foreign countries have asked their citizens to evacuate. Narita is being over run by people fleeing the country right now. I read an article that says all the hotels nearby are completely full. And most people are showing up to Narita without any tickets buying the first flight they can out of there. Some tickets are selling for $3000, and many airlines have been sending extra flights to accomodate the mass exodus.

Also, Most trains and busses are packed with people fleeing the city. So, heading out to Tokyo is definitely a bad decision at this time.


A few more videos have popped up on youtube that have caught my eye.

Here's a childrens video describing the situation at the Fukushima reactor.

CBS posted a video of the Tsunami water pouring into a town right on the ocean. This video really shows how powerful the waves are. Houses are being uprooted, and building torn down. What I find disturbing is that the cameraman pans to the right and shows a person on a nearby building. He pans back to the left when the water really starts moving. A minute later he pans back to the right and that building is COMPLETELY gone! Along with that person :(

Another sad video that is getting a lot of attention is about those two dogs. One dog stands by another wounded dog. Many people view this as a symbol of how Japan continues to endour this disaster.

The Onion

The Onion had a few things to say referencing the disaster in Japan.

Nuclear Energy Advocates Insist U.S. Reactors Completely Safe Unless Something Bad Happens,19740/


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