When driving around the East side of Madison last week, looking for some video games, I happened to notice a new restaurant that caught my eye. The place was called Oysy and is located where Tumbleweed used to be. Yes, that disgusting unappetizing restaurant went out of business, thank god. And now we have a Sushi buffet? We definitely got the better end of the deal on that one. Since Dave was in town on Friday, he and I went to try it out.

They certainly had a rather large selection of foods.

They had crab legs, chicken teriyaki shish-kabobs, salmon, shrimp, tempura shrimp, tempura brocolli, tempura squash, kalamari, octopus, frog legs, prawns, oysters, and so on....

The salmon wasn't too bad, and the tempura shrimp and veggies were great. I didn't try many other seafood selections, but I probably should have. They had edamame there, too, but Dave informed me it was unsalted.

The bulk of what I ate was their sushi. It was pretty decent, though it wasn't gourmet by any means. It tasted identical to the sushi you can find at Copps, actually. They had plenty of sushi chefs on staff preparing it and putting it out immediately. But again, the quality is nothing compared to what you'll find at Takumi or Sushi Muramoto.

They had plenty of Japanese beers, too.

Their buffet was the only food item on the menu, and for a $20 entry fee, the price is a little steep. If you're going to dine for Japanese tonight, I would definitely recommend any other Japanese restaurant in Madison. Takumi and Sushi Muramoto are absolutely delicious for Sushi, and Ginza and Takara are fantastic too with a more well-rounded menu.

I don't want to bash on the place because I love Japanese food and it's great to see a new restaurant open that isn't just Sushi or Teppanyaki and has more variety, but... you can do better.

I really wish a Ramen restaurant would open in Madison or somewhere nearby. The closest and only one I know of is in Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights, Chicago.

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