PAX: Dragon Age Impressions

Bioware, creators of Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, had a spiffy booth that always had a big line wrapping around the edges.  Inside, you could see a demo of Dragon Age, which I really know nothing about.

I did watch a little bit of the demo in the Main Theater, before Spore, though.  But what they demoed on the screen was a tool set to create whatever you want in the game.  This allows them to customize or create any NPC from appearance to dialogue and even down to specific quests and all the details of the quest.  Thus making the world of Dragon Age absolutely customizable and as massive as they'd like.

They didn't show any of the story though, which is really what I'd want from an RPG.  Especially after playing Mass Effect, I'd love another Bioware RPG with a solid premise and story with solid characters to bring you through it.  Medievil times bores me, though, and I wasn't really interested in this game from the start.

I'm not really sure why I wrote this.  I want Mass Effect 2.  Or at least some more Mass Effect DLC.  OR at least another stupid Mass Effect novel.

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