Yesterday, i finally scratched something off of my TODO list, and installed a standalone wiki on The main reason for this was to detailed instructions that would be often editable and updated.. Namely, my large-ass study abroad FAQ i wrote up on the SPAMM forum.

I originally wrote the Study Abroad FAQ because the whole application and acceptance process seemed very daunting, and writing out all the steps and procedures one by one seemed like a great way to handle it, and show other everything involved. Though, i'm not really sure if anyone had used it.

All my original information is moved over, but i haven't gotten around to adding in the rest of the process, nor other Pointers and FAQs i've acquired after being accepted over the Summer of 2005. I've got a couple of emails from prospective students that i could add into the FAQ section of the FAQ, as well. (and) I'm sure i'll have more stuff to add after this presentation thing on Wednesday.

I think's need for a redesign, or just a design in general, has been upgraded from desperately to painfully. Now i've got 2 sections of my site that i actually update, but aren't linked anywhere other than blog entries.. Not to mention i don't have any contact info, nor a resume or portfolio or anything substantial easily navigable to.

Also, my pictures are only ever referenced in my blog posts. Maybe i'll learn a bit of PHP and render out some JavaScript to get my photo album project off the ground.

whine, whine, whine...

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