V for Vendetta

my god.

V for Vendetta

Now that's how you make a movie. Film classes need to put down there pencils and pile into the theaters right this very moment in order to learn and feel what it is to make a movie.

The Wachowski Brothers have done it again.

I think we have ourselves a movie of the year here. Is there any of other movie that could really compare to the magnitude of V for Vendetta. This movie is beyond powerful. It's as if the Wachowski Brothers harnessed pure energy at a neutronic level and simply shaped it into film.

is it possible for the Wachowski Brothers to actually make a bad movie? i mean, really? It's like asking if an Italian could make a bad pizza.

People need to give these guys more money because they honestly deserve it. I just emailed them my bank account numbers. You should too!

V for Violence

This is where the film clearly shines as the main character using his Matrix style moves to kill people. Slow motion is used to detail the knives as the glisfully float through the air into their victims.

It's a form of art really.

The Wachowski Brothers must have some sort of extra sensory vision in order to visualize the impact of each individual knife and then clearly transfer this thought process into film.

It's like the Wachowski Brothers are god except there are two of them. Oh man, what if they really were god. Who knows how are universe would have been shaped and created if the Wachowski Brothers made it. Two half gods are better than one?

V for.. Five?

V is not actually for Vendetta, it's for the roman numeral Five. He named himself this as his was in the fifth room of this detention facility. #Five you have a kindred spirit.

beyond that, five is a very powerful number. It's the third smallest prime number. It's the only prime number to end in the digit 5. It takes place in the fibonacci sequence.

5 also refers to the amount of sides in a Pentagon. What could this mean? The whole movie is about government rule and such. Perhaps the Wachowski Brothers are trying to tell us something with our own government in this movie.

5 also refers to the amount of points in a Star and 5 Stars refers to the rating system most movies are judged upon.

V for Victory

This film is positively amazing and i would see it over and over again if i had the time.

19 1/2 thumbs up. all the way.

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