Adobe Max Day Two - Adobe Max Event Party

To top the Tuesday evening off, Adobe threw an event party for all participants. Fully catered with food and beer! The doors opened up around 6:30 or 7:00pm.

Inside the doors, you were escorted through a tunnel of light. On the other side, you emerged within the 80s

You were inside of a massive hall that was sectioned into 3 separated eras of our past: the 80s, 90s and 00s. In the air were the annoying sounds of the 80s. In the middle of the hall, was a curtain that projected Ferris Beuler, and Back to the Future. There were 8 flat panel screens setup playing Super Mario Brothers, Elevator Action, and several other Wii Virtual Console Titles.

Several other trinkets were placed all over the place too. In the corner, they setup a retro arcade with Pacman, Tetris, Centipede, and Air Hockey. You could also find a Delorion, Karaoke, Picture Booths and a couple other weird 80s things.

There were plenty of things to eat as well. You had your choice between hot dogs and macaroni & cheese.

The flow of the room forced you to go counter-clockwise, which brought you into the 90s. That's pretty backward, actually. If they had you move clockwise as the decade progressed, it would've made more sense.

In the 90s, the curtain displayed Britney spears, and off to the side were BMX bikers doing a bunch of tricks.

Caterers offered pizza and mini-burgers. More Wii were setup as well, which offered Super Nintendo and Genesis titles for play.

Continuing along brought you into today.

Immediately you were brought into the Texas Hold 'em den, where it was completely packed. All the tables were full with adobe maxers betting fake cash against each other. More flat panel TVs were setup, this time with Xbox 360s playing lanned Halo 3. They also had a Segway obstacle course!

For food, they offered mostly Asian buffet foods.

No matter which decade you were in, all the beers table offered the same variety, so, thank god, you didn't have to go searching for what you wanted. I think it would've been different to pull off beers from the past two decades though, so maybe it was more of a limitation than a convenience.

Anyways, after grabbing a couple beers and some tasty food, I played some Halo 3 for a little while. Unlike playing Halo online, most of the convention goers weren't die-hard fans, so I was actually able to hold my own for the majority of the time.

After a game or two, my co-workers caught up with me, so I joined in some more group oriented activities. We played some air hockey, Super Mario, took some pictures in the photo booth, went back to Halo. It was a great time, and the beer kept flowing ^_^

They eventually began kicking people out of the place, so the good times came to an end. Not for too long though.. once we returned to our hotel, we parked ourselves in the hotel lobby's bar and continued the night.

Day Two in general

Sooo.... this is the main reason, why all these blog entries took so long to get up on the internet. Day Two was completely jam-packed full of events from start to finish that I really didn't have a chance to start writing anything until later.

Overall, it was a great day, full of great sessions and great fun with great people.

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