Bye Bye Oldsmobile

As part of my Thanksgiving weekend, I traveled back to my parent's house in Minneapolis, although we had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's place near Green Bay. Since my little brother had to go back up North for school, I figured this was the perfect time to dump the car at home since they needed it. I really didn't want it anymore since it starting acting up a couple weeks ago and it's old and I don't really want it anymore.

Despite having engine troubles, I figured it could make the 300 mile journey without a problem.. well, I was wrong about that one. 20 miles north of Wis. Dells, my front tire exploded!

I've never seen a tire crap out this bad. My little brother was behind me and said the hub cap popped square off the car and traveled parallel for a little while until it hit the ground and flew off into the ditch.

Luckily the Oldsmobile is such a boat, it never came close to flipping or skidding or anything.. I just pulled over and took pictures! We put the spare tire on the car and traveled about 230 miles back home.

Before we left, I refueled both cars at the exact same time and reset the mileage. What's really interesting is that the Oldsmobile registered the trip as 330 miles, whereas my new-ish car traveled a mere 305 miles. I thought the spare looked smaller than the other tires.

Anyways, goodbye Oldsmobile, hello new car ^_^.

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