Furniture Store employees are a bunch of Stalkers

This past week, I bought two new pieces of a furniture while shopping around for some household supplies.  First, I bought a very nice end table from American TV in their clearance section.  It matches my desk quite nicely and can house food and drinks, which previously took up real estate on my desk.  A couple days later, I went to East-side Slumberland and bought a decent coffee table for super cheap from their clearance section.  I thought it would look great on the other side of the my desk than my end table and could house my record player, which previously sat atop my foot locker.

My home work space is starting to feel quite spacious. ^_^

I haven't been living in my new place for long, and have really only given my new address to Netflix, and the post office; however, over the weekend, I got a very peculiar piece of mail at my new address.  I got a small manilla-like colored envelope from Mr. Rob Leibfried whom has very bad handwriting.  It was personally addressed to myself, living at my new address.  "What in the hell is this?!" I inquired to those within earshot.  I was somewhat creeped out..

Those feelings began to elevate as I opened the letter to find a "Thank You" card.  Inside the Thank You note said, with horrible handwriting, "Thank you for your recent purchase, rob".  I began to cycle through my memory the things I had purchased with this address in mind.  The only place was Slumberland, since I didn't give my new address to American.

You'd think a little context would have been helpful since the guy I bought it from was completely rude.  Kyle and I discussed this a little bit, and came to the conclusion that maybe the dude felt bad about it, or something like that.  I still think it's incredibly bizarre..  I spent a whopping $40 on that coffee table, and its not even all that sturdy.  Even though it was crazy cheap, I still feel like I was doing them the favor...  hey, I guess that's why they thanked me, huh.

Anyways, today I'm at work and my phone rings with an unidentified number.  I do what I usually do:  Not answer, and type the number into google to identify it for myself.  By the way, if I don't have your phone number in my phone and you give me a ring, please leave a message.  Otherwise, I'll probably just ignore it, if I can't figure it out through google.

This particular phone number is 608-271-1000, which is the number to American TV.  "What the hell do they want?  I picked up my end-table when I bought it..  I didn't sign up for anything else, despite spending 30 minutes looking at TVs," I immediately thought.  Luckily, I was left a message.  "Hi there Jim, this is from American TV just asking if you're enjoying your recent purchase.  Let me know if you need help with anything and I look forward to seeing you soon."  Jesus Christ, needy much?  If I had answered, what would we even talk about?  It'd be the most awkward phone call I'd ever had been a part of.  Also, "see you soon"?!  How soon are we talking here?  Like "you're going to break into my house and stab me with a knife" soon?

It is a really good End-table though.  One of the most sturdy pieces of furniture I own, next to my file cabinet.  I was actually rather lucky to find it at such a spiffy price.

But anyways, do all furniture stores train their employees this way?  Ikea never called me about my desk and JC Penny never called about my file cabinet.  This is borderline invasion of privacy.  I assumed my address was used for billing purposes, not another entry into their Rolodex.  This makes me think twice about buying a TV from American or clearance couch shopping at Slumberland.

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