The soft touch of light slowly warming my hair, a cool breeze tickling the hairs on my arm, and the distant laughter of children playing and screaming.  Their endless amount of energy sending them up and down all over the playground I noticed earlier.  A dog's joyous bark echoes through the trees and over the grass.  Cheerful chirping from the green above eases the tense nature of the week.  I sink slowly, further and further into the soft shards of grass underneath that thin layer of cotton of my white shirt.  The sun fills it with warmth and the shirt embraces me to return the favor.

Every day, in and out, I come across a problem and I attempt to solve it in the best way I can.  I obsess over the nature of the error and try to understand the fundamental cause.  Examine each little piece of data and search bit-by-bit for commonality, relevance, and origin.  I study and study and eventually find what I'm looking for.  A tiny hint of wrong, a small burst of error, a shred of relevance to the true nature of the crime.  It's the little piece of the puzzle that blows the case wide open and with the error in sight the extermination begins.

A puff of liquid erupts into the air.  This poisonous noxious chemical stings my nose at the very sound of it.  Tiny little droplets of this crap disperse and coat the back of this freckled little brat.  The skin twitches with the slight temperature change, but he still continues ruining my day.  His obnoxious screams tear through the warmth and breeze.  The chirping ceases and vacates the area.  The little fucker burst my bubble.

Usually when you find the root of the problem, the solution is easy.  Syntaxual errors are typical.  Usage errors are also common, but aren't as easy to fix.  Fundamental errors, though, are the most devastating with anything.  Faulty assumptions and brittle architecture will bring down anything.  The foundation must be sound and flexible and must be left open.  Hide nothing and expose everything so fault can be easily found.

The truth hurts like a constant ringing of the ears.  A stain on the scene of the portrait I've painted for myself.  A perfect little world can fall apart so easily with just one fundamental problem.  Of course, we always learn from our mistakes and we take that knowledge as part of the solution.  To build a better tomorrow away from the mistakes we've made.  To start again and rebuild to perfection.

Wrong.  You fix mistakes.  You don't start over.  You mend the little world you have regardless of the distress you must endure.  Large mistakes or small, they're still mistakes that exist and must be fixed.  Understanding the mistake will always lead to the solution, but the path is not always obvious.

That stupid kid keeps crying his head off while the mom puts her around him and consoles him.  It doesn't quite quell the noise, but he seems like he's on the road to recovery.  It doesn't really matter, though.  Their presence is a wall blocking that area of my little sunny world.  Every motion, every breath.. I can hear everything they do, what they're touching, what they're thinking.  They've infected my senses and ruined everything.  ugh.. I'm outta here.

The problem was that some part of the program was doing something it wasn't supposed to.  This particular class assumed that whoever used it, did so in a specific order.  The class didn't really give any clues about the correct order.  Apparently whoever uses this class is supposed to look into the class and study it completely first.  Ya know, really get to know who you're dealing with.  Only when you knew everything there it to know about the class, could you use it with the at-most efficiency.  Fixing the error is easy, but that doesn't solve the problem.  This class needs a little redirection on what it means to be "user-friendly".

Out of one world and into another.  The park was pretty nice, but overall a waste of time.  There are a thousand other things I could be doing rather than laying in the sun.  Stuff is backing up at work, I could probably do some of that.  I have two discs from Netflix I haven't watched either, I could probably do those both at once.  I just hooked up my PS2, though, so I could start playing some of those games.  So many things to do.

A little bit of refactoring brings the class back into society a new and better person.  The error is fixed and shouldn't return in the future.  A perfect little cog in the machine...

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