Speed Racer is Amazing

I went down to Freeport this weekend to see Speed Racer with Erika and Stephen and was blown away. I think the Wachowski brother nailed the intensity of racing with the fast paced cuts and transitions of Anime and lit everything together with THE most brilliant and vibrant colors I've ever seen it a movie.

I think it's one of the few movies to actually bring live action elements into the cartoon world, rather bringing its characters into the real world. I reminds me a lot of Dick Tracy and The Flintstones, rather than Batman or Spiderman. The characters and their environment are completely in sync, rather than some goofy cartoon logic in our own world.

Critics seem to be pissed about this though saying the movie is sensory overload disconnected from reality. That's exactly what it is. What did you think it was going to be? How is that fact a downfall? Critics are killing this movie in the same way they did with Matrix Reloaded. They expect one thing... and get something else.

Honestly, I think when the Wachowskis ground themselves in reality, the results are horrible.. like V for Vendetta.

Unfortunately, the critics get their way since Speed Racer flopped taking in only $20.2 million this weekend, a percentage compared to Iron Man's opening $100 million weekend and another $50 million this weekend.

I loved every minute of this minute and can't wait to see it again. Next time, it'll be at the Imax. If you hate the movie because its crazy, then you're too old.

Also, I'm disapointed in Mathew Fox. He has absolutely no acting range and will always be known as Jack from Lost.

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