WGA Strike: Ending

Over the weekend, the WGA and the AMPTP have finally agreed on a contract and tonight, the members of the WGA will vote to accept this contract, END the strike, and return to work on Wednesday morning. Good News ^_^. This contract succeeds at getting writers a fair shake at internet reruns and new form of media, but really screws over writers for reality TV shows. It's rather interesting how much actual television and movie writers look down upon reality TV writers. Actually, what I find most interesting is that reality TV shows have writers.

Lost Season 4 Saved

Anyways, with the strike ending ABC has picked up 9 series for the coming fall season. LOST, of course, is on that list. ^_^. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have wasted no time with the end of the strike near, to announce they have plans to finish Season 4 the way it was intended.

Originally, Season 4 and subsequent seasons, have been slated for 16 total episodes, but with the strike, Season 4 had only 8 episodes completed. Cuse has stated today that they are going to push out another 5 episodes to complete all the Season 4 story arcs and finish it correctly (aint it cool). Good News, indeed ^_^

So far, Season 4 has rather interesting. At the beginning of Seasons 2 and 3, we began from the point of view outside of the cast, in the eyes of whom the largest mystery was in the previous season. That didn't happen this time. In fact, it did finally happen in episode 2 of season 4. Episode 1 felt more like an extension of the Season 3 ending, but still introduced new topics for Season 4.

I felt episode 2 was kinda flat, but episode 1 was pretty slick. Keep 'em coming ^_^

Another little bit of news, thanks to the "enhanced" episode of the Season 3 finale, and the "catch up" episode prior to the season premiere, Lost Season 4 Episode 1 netted 16.1 million viewers: one of their highest viewer turnouts in the series history. The highest point was 18 million, i think, for some episode in season 1.

More TV

Just as a reminder, Jericho Season 2 premieres tonight on CBS, though you can download episodes 1, 2, and 3 on the internet if you don't want to wait. These 3 episodes pretty much confirm my feelings towards the series. Great characters, great entertainment, but the whole "mystery" has pretty much been revealed. The intrigue of the series now is watching to see what happens.

Also on CBS, Dexter Season 1 begins this coming Sunday in its full edited form. It's a great show, but cutting out all the death and blood in a show that is built on death and blood doesn't sound like a great move. If you haven't seen Dexter, definitely check it out ^_^. Hopefully, they've done a professional editing job.

Along-side Dexter on NBC is the 2 hour premiere of the new Knight Rider series. This is a direct sequel to David Hasslehoff TV classic. Here's a sneak Peak. (via aint it cool)

In other TV news, I should really get around to watching Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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