Journeyman Update

Tonight is the mid-season finale of Heroes, but unfortunately Journeyman will not be trailing. Tonight at 9 (10 eastern) an episode of Life will air starting a two-parter to end in its usual timeslot of Wednesday. Next Monday, Journeyman returns with its Christmas episodes and the next week will contain two episodes ending at half a season. These two episodes promise to bring some answers as to what is actually going on with Dan's time leaping.

The internet's mobilization to Save Journeyman begins today!

What you can do to help save Journeyman is log on to and watch episode 10 entitled "Blowback". In fact, here's a quick link for you:

This is the most recent episode of Journeyman and has really been the highlight of the show thus far. In "Blowback", Dan learns more about the limitations of changing the past and how to fix mistakes when he alters the past beyond his "goal", whether or not his alterations were ethical.

The goal of this "demostration" is to show that people out there want to watch this show. A spike in their online ratings should show we care right?

Quantum Leap

On a side note, one of my friends starting Netflixing Quantum Leap, so we've been watching an episode here and there. That show is really a trip back in time in itself these days, seeing how it was made back in 1982. Going back in time even further than that to fix the past makes it very interesting on several levels.

The shows humor and story are still quite solid to this day. Definitely check it out, especially if you remember watching that show. I used to watch that show over and over again when they aired re-runs on USA and the Scifi channel. ^_^

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