End of Journeyman

On Monday, episode 10 of Journeyman aired and without Heroes to bring viewers to NBC on Monday Nights, the show didn't do so hot.  Yesterday was NBC's deadline to secure the show for a second-half, but they passed on it, which means the cast is free to look for work elsewhere and has no obligation to continue working on the show.  Balls..

This doesn't mean NBC can't renew the show..  They can do so at anytime.  SaveJourneyman.Net is still holding on hope of renew.  With the writer's strike there will certainly be a sharp decline of pilot episodes for the coming spring, so why not renew the show..  You aren't going to have anything new to show otherwise?

SaveJourneyman's compaign continues, though.  Much like the Nuts for Jericho campaign, they are sending boxes of Rice-a-Roni to the studio executives along with letters from the future.

The most-likely final episodes of Journeyman will air on Monday and Wednesday next week and hope to answer some of the reasons why Dan is time-traveling and what is actually going on.  They should have answered these questions much sooner.  It would have made the show more interesting and plot heavy, rather than focusing on the more heavy drama aspects of the effects on his family.

My favorite thing about Journeyman is the excellent theme song.  It's a collaboration between UK artist Amanda Ghost and band Rural.  It hasn't been released on its own, but they are working on a full version and a single release sometime in the future. ^_^

Oh well...  kinda sucks that its going.  Journeyman will appear on DVD some time in the future.

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