Journeyman "final" episode will air

Good news everyone, NBC overloads have squeezed the "final" episode of Journeyman into their tight Fall finale schedule. Episode 10 will air on Monday December 10th, followed by Episode 11 on the following Monday. Episode 12 is placed on Wednesday December 19th at 10/9c. Not too shabby. (source: aint it cool)

As that article suggested, the decision to air episode 12 came from the caring, passionate support of internet fans, namely those at Those involved with the site are trying to organize a "Save our Show" campaign similar to what happened with Jericho.

Earlier this year Nuts Online .com instituted a campaign called "Nuts for Jericho" where fans contributed money towards a daily shipment of peanuts to CBS New York. A grand total of $56,968 was spent, totaling over 8 million peanuts. Check it out: Nuts for Jericho.

And it worked! CBS signed Jericho for a 2nd season.

It doesn't really look like is as organized as Nuts for Jericho, but there's plenty of time.. thanks to the strike. Even though Life and Chuck were renewed, they still need to make those episodes.. If the strike is resolved within this next month, I wonder if they'll try to complete seasons by May..

hmm... I should probably netflix Jericho to see what all the fuss is about.

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