Mail Call - Katamari PSP Case

I got a package today in the mail, like I usually do.

whoo.. finally, in my posession is the illusive Katamari PSP Case. I've been trying to get a hold of one of these things for months now. It looks kinda big though... and crappy :/

I mean.. look inside of this thing:

There's nothing at all.. no padding, no soft inards, no nothing to keep it from scratching up my screen either.. what a rip.

It is rather big though.. let's compare it to the standard Sony PSP sleeve.

Christ.. this case is big, it wasn't my eyes playing tricks ... I better I could stuff my previous case inside

Yeesh.. it's a pretty snug fit, even though the prince looks rather bloated. Let's give him some breathing room.

There we go...

eBay Background

Finally, I got my hands on this stupid thing. I've been trying to buy one of these cases off ebay ever since I first bought my PSP, but things had always gone wrong when trying to secure the highest bid.

The first couple times I just bid for it and then never checked up on it, thus lost the auction when someone swooped in at the end at sniped the auction from underneath me. I didn't think the Katamari case was that sought after but FINE. If that's the way you want to play it, then I guess we'll need to play the ebay sniping game. I've sniped auctions before and its not that tough.

Well it is that tough when you aren't paying attention. Each subsequent auction I put on my view list, I completely forgot about the time it ended. Most of them ended on the weekend, so when I got to work Monday morning, there would be an email in my inbox, "An ending on your watch list is ending soon".. Though, it would've already been ended at this point.

There were a few times I was this close to winning but I still got away from me. One such instance happened a couple Mondays ago, when the auction ended at 7:30p and I totally remembered. I wrote a reminder on my hand, remembered!, and perched myself in front of the computer on ebay hitting the F5 button. I was pysched!

I kept hitting F5, 10 minutes remain.. F5, 7 minutes remaining.. "Oh, I could bid.. but there's always that slight chance someone will snipe my snipe.." F5, 4 minutes remaining.. oh, so very close.. I'll wait until 1 minute and do it. F5, 2 minutes remaining.. F5.. server cannot be found. WHat?!?! F5, F5, F5.. server cannot be found. GODDAMN ROUTER! Thankfully the episode of Heroes that night was one of the best I've seen, so I got over it pretty quick.

So I missed that one too.. But, eventually I preveiled and got my case. ^_^

Item Background

Originally this was the pre-order bonus for Me and My Katamari in Japan. I don't think they ever brought this pre-order bonus to America when it was released in March 2006? Was that when it came out? We love Katamari was 2005, so it had to be 2006 sometime.. maybe May-ish 2006.

Anyways and Unfortunately, Me and My Katamari is absolutey horrible. The game setup isn't too bad, you float around on islands and rebuilds islands in the ocean. Pocket-sized goals for a pocket-sized katamari..

The gameplay is what kills this game. Katamari requires 2 analog sticks, and the PSP has one. I guess they thought using the D-pad and buttons would be a good substitute for analog sticks, but they are dead wrong. I would love to play this game, if i could hook up a ps2 controller to my psp.


Anywho.. horrible game. pretty crappy bonus. Thankfully, it can hold the PSP and the PSP sleeve in the case, so it's not all bad.

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