Xbox 360 "Fall" Update

Man.. I like the new "fall" update to the 360.  It does 2 things that I really like:  faster window shades and daily updates.

Moving from window to window in the console overhead is around 2 times faster after the update.  You can actually accomplish things rather quickly, rather than having a second lag for the animation.  If someone sends me a message, I can run into the console and view it lickidity split.  I wonder if the second or two lag from before was because of some query process, or if it was the speed of the animation.

The daily updates are great too.  Now you can actually see what has been added to Xbox Live since you've been gone.  It flashes, too, to indicate something new has been added since the last time you connected.  There's so much stuff being added online that everyday it flashes with an update.  Far more frequent than the Wii.

You can also stream divx too, but I haven't messed around with that yet.  Good Stuff overall.  It makes managing the 360 stuff much faster and easier. ^_^

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