Heroes and Journeyman

I love Mondays thanks to Heroes. It may be the beginning of the work week, but who cares. Its Heroes night. Tonight's Heroes is chapter 9 of the 11 chapter fall season. The next two weeks will put a cap on the current story arc that supposedly explodes tonight. (source: aint it cool)

This fall season, Heroes is followed by Jouneyman, which I had commented on before. Journeyman is a lot like a modern day Quantum Leep that puts Drama ahead of Science Fiction. The stories are interesting, but the characters are so serious and unlikeable, it makes watching the show difficult.

Tonight and next week end the fall season of Journeyman with a two-parter, and possibly the last Journeyman we'll ever see, states Ain't it cool News. To paraphrase, "Journeyman will be canceled unless the two-parter airing tonight and next Monday brings big numbers."

I suppose this would be a good time to talk about Neilson ratings and market share or something else if I actually knew what I were talking about.. I would like to see just how big the viewer difference is between Heroes season 2 and Journeyman.

Anyways, kiss your ass goodbye Journeyman.

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