Heroes Speculation

At the end of last night's episode Hero, the plot for the whole season seemed to emerge. Especially with the trailer for the next episode. Peter makes his way to Canada, finds stuff in the helix marked apartment and moves into the future with the irish girl. They find themselves in downtown New York (against a green screen), where the streets are deserted and full of trash.. A slightly different apocolyptic vision than Hiro saw last season..

Hiro went into the future twice in season 1. The first time was a glimpse of New York right before "the bomb" went off. The second time was a few years after that with New York in ruins and the public going ape-shit after mutants.

The future that Peter has traveled to shows that by stopping "the bomb" last season, they did INDEED change the future. I guess we already knew that, though.. The date and time of "the bomb's" explosion had already passed from what it should have been.

Peter picks up a piece of paper that reads "Evacution, June 2008", which puts them near the date of the final episode of Season 2. The trailer goes on to say that 93% of the population was killed by a virus.. Most likely, the very virus Mohinder and Bob were talking about earlier to reverse mutants back into normal humans. Looks like, in the future, Mohinder has failed in suspressing the company from making a virus/vacine..

It seems like they're following the same pattern from last season. Catching a glimspe into the future reveals a catastrophic event only they can stop. Save the cheerleader, Save the world.. what's the tagline going to be this time? Stop the company, Save the world? Stop parker's father, save the world?

I wonder when the first hiatus is....

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