Tear Jerkers

Everyone once in a while, you'll come across a movie.. A movie that can be engaging, can be captivating, and overall you emotionally invest yourself in from the start. Whether, you love the characters, love the environment, love the music or any other part of it, you are brought into the world with such force that you tune out everything else. This movie (or game) becomes part of you.

With such beauty it brings itself to the absolute climax and you are there riding along side it.. You are there with the characters, with the scene as it unfolds. and BAM.. it hits you. That feeling of absolute beauty. So much beauty fills you.. overflows through you.. so much so, that can't help but shed a tear.

Pure Happiness ^_^

That's how I feel every time I watch Princess Mononoke. That's how I feel when Ashitaka and San return the head to the Dear God, he revives himself, and then falls to his death.. At that split moment, when all the destruction, all the hate, and all the war is whisked away into the air.. The peaceful, raped, and bare land lays still.. until the buds of life begin to grow. The brown scorched hills begin to breathe green from its soil, as the piano solo starts..

:sniff:.. it's so beautiful..

It's hard to hold back your emotions when you realize that life does move on.. With all the sadness, anger, and horror, life will always prevail.

Oddly enough, wasn't it a decade ago when it first came out in theaters? :looks it up: .. nope, I'm wrong. It came out in October 1999 in US theaters. Heh, that was a good movie date.. I went with both Michelle and Lindsey (co-hotties at Toys R Us) to Plymouth Manns theater the day it came out. However, it did release in Japanese theaters in July of 1997.

Hopefully, whomever holds the North American rights will release a Blu-ray version of Mononoke in the near future.

Anyways, aside from Princess Mononoke, there is one other movie that captivates me with so much emotion.. and that is Garden State. I should really buy myself a copy of that movie. That's the one with Zach Braff and Natalie Portman. I think there may have been others, but i cannot recall.

Excellent movies..

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