Salmon Fried Rice

Greetings, everyone. Today and the other day, I made some of the most delicious fried rice I've ever tasted. It was mostly due to the main ingredient, but it was so damn good, I must share with you what I tasted.

You will mainly need 3 ingredients.. two eggs..

Rice.. 1 cup cooked should do.

and your super expensive Salmon purchased in Seattle.. or any Salmon really.

Prepare your pan with some butter.. not too much though. I'm quite sure that THAT is too much butter.

Let the butter melt for a little while, and slap that super tasty salmon into your pan.

For this recipe, you'll have to defile the sanctity of the salmon and tear it to shreds. Break that succulent salmon apart into a million tiny pieces.

Once the salmon starts to cook a bit, plop on two eggs.

Then start swishing around everything together. Be sure to completely mix and combine both ingredients as much as possible.

Then comes the rice. Plop that on top on begin to fully combine all 3 ingredients now.

Actually, i suppose I forgot one ingredient: Soy Sauce. Put a very very tiny bit of the sauce over the top of your concoction.

Like all previous steps, mix mix mix. Fully mix together all parts until you get it completely consistent.

That's it! Fill up your bowls and viola!

The salmon mixed together is the absolute oral experience. The hint of butter.. the hint of soy sauce.. all wrapped around the superb taste of the divine fish.

This recipe is extremely basic, but the taste of extraordinary.. Of course, it's the salmon that brings this fantastic taste to the table in the first place. Unfortunately, it is a very basic bi-product of the salmon, so it's difficult to focus this as the center of your dinner. Some green beans on the side would act as a brilliant compliment to this outstanding meal.

Give it a try if you have some $50 fish sitting around the house ^_^.

PS: The images might not show up in an RSS reader because I turned off hot-linking from my site. You'll probably have to actually visit my site to see the pics.

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