Nuka Cola Recipe

A couple weeks ago, Kotaku had an article that gave a recipe for creating Nuka Cola, the fictional carbonated drink in Fallout 3.  Here's the link:

The recipe is pretty simple:

1 part Cream Soda
1 part Coca Cola
1 part Mountain Dew

On my way home tonight, I stopped at my local convenience store to procure these items and see what it actually tastes like.

It's pretty good.  The Cream Soda and Coca Cola fuse together absolutely perfect.  You get the great tastes of both together in one flavor.  Though, the Mountain Dew doesn't really add anything.  It feels like it's just a base.  I think Sprite would probably work much better.

But, I think what would really add to this drink is some Southern Comfort.  Or Rum, if you're one of those Rum 'n Coke people.  It would make an absolutely fabulous mix drink. ^_^

So here's my new recipe:

1 part Cream Soda
1 part Coca Coke
1 part Sprite
1 part Southern Comfort (or Rum)

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