Superb Smoothie Recipe

Yesterday, I ran across this article in Best Life Magazine detailing the 8 Foods you should eat everyday. These foods boost muscles, fight cancer, enhance eyesight, stimulate the brain and also boost your immunities. I eat a ton of one of these foods everyday, so i figure i should extend my diet to include some other ones too.

If the multi-page format of that article annoys you, here's the article on one page: shazam!

Anyways, this article included a pretty spiffy recipe that I thought I would try out that included good portions of 4 of these fantastic foods. That would be these 4 foods:

Yogurt, Blueberries, Carrot Juice and Spinach. Just stuff all these things together in a blend-able cup:

Then stick that blend-able cup on your fancy underused Magic Bullet!

oh man! doesn't that look good? .. here take a good look:

oh yeah.. there's little bits of everything all over the place in there. You know it's healthy when it looks completely inedible. Contrary to the look, it tastes amazing. Very fruity, but what a little subtle hint of vegetable. Just what the body needs to lay around all day typing away at the computer, and watching TV.

One other thing that article had that I absolutely love is Black Bean salsa. Mix some of that with white rice, and put it in a tortilla along with some more Spinach, and you're ready to open your very own Q'doba restaurant chain.

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