The Fall Season

The summer is a great time of the year. It's nice outside and the general media actual promotes the activity of going outside by not airing anything good on TV (except for the Sopranos finale). I've had a great time, actually.. Disc golfing, relaxing, spelunking. But as the summer begins its downward spiral post-climax, it's also great to look forward to TV again. and why not? TV is actually starting to get good again, in general. When does everything begin? Let's see here...

Monday, September 24th - NBC - Heroes Season 2 Premiere
Thursday, September 27th - NBC - The Office Season 4 Premiere
Sunday, September 30th - SHO - Dexter Season 2 Permiere
Thursday, October 4th - NBC - 30 Rock Season 2 Premiere

All four of these shows have their previous season DVD box set releasing in the next couple of weeks.

August 21st - Dexter Season 1
August 28th - Heroes Season 1
September 4th - The Office Season 3
September 4th - 30 Rock Season 1

The Dexter box-set is crazy cheap on Amazon, so i pre-ordered that one, but I think i'll pass on the other box sets. Unfortunately, both LOST and Sarah Connor Chronicles begin airing in Feb 2008, so the waits continues :/


In other completely un-related news, I cut my hair a little bit on Thursday. I sliced off a whole 3 or 4 inches on my general length. I must say, it feels quite nice. You'd think shortening my hair a mere 8 or 10% wouldn't make much of a difference, but it feels more manageable. That's probably more a result of having even ends, though.

It feels good. I should have trimmed my hair a while ago. The last time sheers had touched my auburn locks was well over 4 years ago.. maybe closer to 5, actually.

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