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This summer has been pretty kickass for movies. In fact, I don't think there's been a summer where I've gone out and seen so many movies. Transformers, The Simpsons, Superpad, Bourne Ultimatum, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Spiderman 3, Live Free or Die Hard.. All of them entertaining, and some pretty good.

There are two other movies I've seen this summer which are also pretty good, but not as widely talked about as these big Blockbusters..

The Invasion Spoilers

This past weekend, when I was back home in Minneapolis my little brother and I caught The Invasion, starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. The Invasion is about an alien invasion on earth based off of the novel Body Snatchers, and somewhat of a remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Nicole Kidman is a now divorced single mom who is loosely dating Daniel Craig, when the invasion begins. They try to survive, all while solving the key to defeating the aliens.

The Invasion is the most passive alien invasion I have ever witnessed in film. These aliens are micro-organisms which infect humans by mutating nerve cells. Once the individual falls asleep, the organisms take advantage of our involuntary glandular sweating to transform us from who we were, into their completely controlled slaves. We're still who we are.. we're just controlled by them.

The first hour of the movie is their subtle take-over of humanity. Once the main characters figure out what's going on, it's too late and it becomes a race for survival. Nicole Kidman's son is immune to their advances and Nicole Kidman must retrieve him and bring him to the resistance to develop a cure. But, she's been infected and must keep herself from falling asleep and turning into a slave.

The Invasion is very intense. It's a lot like a zombie movie.. the fear of being discovered while hiding from the zombies. the intense action of running away from zombies. The Invasion ends strong, but begins very weak. It's not the best movie in the world, but for some reason.. it really sticks with me. Probably because i really like Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. Plus, some the zombie/aliens are quite creepy and spooky.. like that little Asian kid.

Non-spoiler opinion: Anywho, catch it out, if you're so inclined. It's not half bad..

Stardust Spoilers

Stardust is a fantasy fairy-tale written by Neil Gaiman. I saw this about a week ago down in Rockford with Erika and Stephen.

Stardust's main hero is a boy named Tristan and his story of becoming a man. He lives in a little english town called Wall, which is bordered by a wall that humans must never pass through. Beyond the wall lies the fairy-tale kingdom of Stormhold, where, this very day, the King lie on his death bed. Stormhold has a tradition that only a solitary living heir may ascend the throne.. which is a problem since 4 sons still live. As the king, played by Peter O'Toole, draws his finally breath.. the one to ascend the throne will turn his now diamond pendent back into a Ruby.

Ok, I'm going to stop right here and not give away the entire movie. Suffice to say, a star falls to earth which Tristan wishes to capture for his "true love". But the witch wished to possess this star for immortality. The ruby knocked the star out of the sky, so the Star has the Pendant on her. Everyone is after the Star, which Tristan finds first.

This movie is quite a gem. It features several all-star actors, Peter O'Toole, Michele Pfeiffer, Claire Daines, Robert De Niro, and Ian McKellen..

Stardust reminds me a lot of Princess Bride. It's completely ridiculous and never takes itself seriously, but still retains a serious plot and presents a wonderful tale of love and adventure. There were times I smacked myself on the head because it was so dumb, but also warmed my heart at the cutesy scenes.

Unfortunately, I don't think it'll reach the cult star power that Princess Bride has these days, but it might if the proper crowd gets a hold of it.

Non-spoiler opinion: Definitely check it out. ^_^ Great date movie.

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