Dexter is a television program on Showtime. Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall of Six Feet Under fame, is a serial killer. His victims happen to be other serial killer and murderers. This is the way he balances out his serial killer need for bloodshed while performing acts of good. A vigilante at night, but a forensics officer during the day, solving crimes and misdeeds of bloodshed and foreplay. One job helps facilitate the other.

Season 1

However, Dexter's word is turned upside down with the emergence of a true rival. A serial killer with true value of cleanliness, precision, and love towards his killing methods. This killer leaves hints for Dexter. Plays with Dexter. Looks for a friend in Dexter. and Dexter finds a playmate in him.

Dexter is a wonderfully crafted, suspenseful show that will leave you wanting more and more. I was first recommended to watch this show when I returned from Japan and visited Platteville for the first time. Matt, Dave, Jamie and Tony were all in agreement that I needed to see this.. but I was busy dealing with the depression of being back in the states. Luckily, when I visited Justin in North Carolina he was of the same opinion, sat me down with Showtime on Demand, and let me be.

Season 1 just came out today on DVD, and I definitely recommend this show to those who haven't seen it. Unlike those arrogantly priced HBO series, Showtime has priced Dexter Season 1 at $40 MSRP.. but you can pick it up all 12 episodes of season 1 for $30 at Best Buy this week.

Showtime v. HBO

Showtime is really pushing the public towards this show, it seems. Now that HBO is basically dead, and half a million subscribers canceled their service because Sopranos is now done, Showtime sees this as its chance to pull in as many of that audience as possible. Dexter is a strong strong show.

Hell, we almost switched over to Showtime from HBO because of the Sopranos and Dexter, but ended up just quitting HBO. Sorry, but John from Cincinnati is ass.

These real high profile pay-channel TV programs really start off strong, for the most part. Sopranos Season 1 and 2 were amazing, but then began to wither in Season 3. Six Feet Under Seasons 1 and 2 were equally amazing, but again.. lost all steam in Season 3. Deadwood didn't keep it's amazing quality past Season 1. Season 2 killed it. And Now John from Cincinnati can't even start up strong.

Season 1 of Dexter was quit well done, despite a couple stereotypical drama-like plot devices.

Season 2

Episodes 1 and 2 of Dexter Season 2 have been "leaked" on the Internet. I just finished watching them and this show really raised the bar. I can't wait for episode 3... which'll be in the second week of October :/

I use the term "leaked" loosely because if I were Showtime, I would send out the first episode or two to generate even more buzz on the show. I mean, I want to see Season 2 now more than ever thanks to that 2 hour teaser. It makes decent sense.

The first two episodes work very well with each other and tie up most of the stuff brought up in this episodes.


Definitely great stuff.. But, Rent or Netflix Dexter Season 1 today. ^_^

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