Dexter Season 4

Like Seasons 2 and 3, the first episode of the new Season of Dexter was leaked to the Internet just a few weeks before its premiere. It's almost like it's intentional. It definitely seemed intentional with Seasons 2 and 3. The quality of the DivX file was superb. The file I have of Season 4 episode 1 is pretty crappy, so I don't think it was intentional this time. But who knows...

Where we've been

Dexter is a pretty great show. Season 1 was an amazing introduction to Dexter. It displayed Dexter's thoughts and reasoning. The emergence of a rival serial killer offered mystery, and eventually unraveled into a mirror of himself, his past, and his future.

Season 2 lost the mystery, but masked it with constant suspense. Season 2 builds on all the character development from the previous season and demonstrates how well rounded the characters and cast are. Unfortunately, it is a shallow experience compared to the first Season.

The typecast, thin representation of the Dexter cast really shows its colors in Season 3. Season 3 settles down the suspense and mystery and adds character plot after character plot. Dexter starts to lose spotlight, and Debra, Angel, and Laguerta become essential characters. I think the writers and producers have become to comfortable with their jobs after Dexter was renewed up through Season 5 given the success of Seasons 1 and 2.

The acting and writing has become very much like a sitcom. Each actor has their character and always operates in these roles. The only person that brings any personality to their character is Michael C. Hall with Dexter, which is ironic as he plays an emotionally distanced character. It's gotten so transparent that it's difficult to watch.

I'd stop watching the show if I wasn't so invested in these characters. Plus, I hold hope that Dexter will eventually recapture what made Season 1 so fantastic. But I think they've completely run Dexter's character dry for story. Maybe that's why the other characters have become so prevalent.

Season 3 is a stain in this series and takes it further away from what made it great. Though, after watching the first episode of Season 4 that gleaming shimmer of hope flickers in my eye.

New Beginnings

Once the news broke that John Lithgow was the villian in Season 4, I was immediately excited. Finally, a REAL actor in this dying show. Michael C. Hall is a pretty good actor, but his range is not nearly as vast as Lithgow. I was excited to see what they had in store. Plus, there hasn't been a serial killer villain worth his weight since Season 1.

Rudy (or whomever) was the perfect villain for Season 1. But Season 2 and 3? Technically both seasons had its share of minor villains that Dexter had to vex in order to come out on top. The story was spread and became weak as a result. Aside from John Lithgow, Season 4's focus of a single villain should make the story much tighter.

Or is it..?

Unfortunately, with all these characters and stories of their own, I feel that the serial killing aspect of the show will become less and less important. The writers seem to care more about the supporting cast and Dexter's home life than what the show was about to begin with.

Dexter always killed people as an outward expression of dealing with his problems. It helped him work shit out. But now, it just seems like he would be better off if he didn't. His problems are the result of his serial killing. So give it up! Dexter already proved that this is not an addiction, so why is he still killing if it's screwing things up?

Ramble Ramble

Even though I'm pretty negative about the show, I'm still optimistic that Season 4 will turn out alright. I don't see how it could be worse than Season 3, but the writers have a knack for throwing ridiculous plot points into the mix (SPOILER: such as the end of this first episode), so who knows...

Dexter Season 4 begins this weekend on Showtime!

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