PAX 09: SWAG and Purchases

This year was the biggest year of PAX yet. All 60,000 passes were sold several weeks before the actual event, and the floor space of the Panel Rooms and the Exhibition Hall had extended further than before! And this year the exhibitors were NOT stingy about giving out free shit. Here's all the crap I packed into my suitcase.

I've already mentioned some of the best items of the lot in previous posts. Mainly...

But you can see a couple other spiffy things I walked away with.

  • Anamaguchi's CD and sticker

  • Metal Metroid's CD and sticker

  • Mega64 PAX09 DVD Signed

  • Wil Wheaton's Limited Edition PAX Book Signed

  • English edition of Okami Artbook

  • Guild Wars 2 Artbook Signed

  • a bunch of Brutal Legend Patches

  • a bunch of Beta Codes for League of Legends

  • and 8 Tshirts!

This year PAX was amazing for getting a shit load of stuff, and a lot of it being very good stuff too! Though, a lot of the extra crap I'll probably put on eBay because I don't really want it. Stuff like the following:

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