PAX 09: Behemoth and Game 3 Hands On

The Behemoth booth at PAX has always had a traditional of carrying exclusive merchandise and is a hotspot for collectors and fans alike. The revenue generated from their booth at PAX directly funds their upcoming games. It's win/win.

Castle Crashers

Last year, having just released Castle Crashers, their merchandise was almost all focused on Castle Crashers. They were selling shirts, figures, and the game. I bought the full game from them last year that came with a fancy pewter medallion and a code for the game. It was certainly more tangible that simply buying it through Xbox live.

Castle Crashers was definitely my favorite downloadable game last year. After buying the game at PAX 08, we played it so much that I missed my flight home! Read all about it. This year I continued my patronage and purchased a statue of my favorite Castle Crashers character (for sale): The Red Knight.

Steam Knight is actually my favorite, but they haven't made a figure for him. Dan Paladin was at the Behemoth booth, so I asking him if he would sign my spiffy figure. And he did!

Also, there was a Castle Crashers cosplayer at the booth. I'm pretty sure it was one of their friends or wives and not just a random fan.

Game 3

The Behemoth booth had 4 stations setup. One had PS3 Castle Crashers, and the other one had Game 3 setup on the Xbox. I gave it a try and it seems like it might be fun.

Each game developed by Behemoth has been in a different genre, mostly in the retro realm. Alien Hominid was a 2D sidescrolling shooter, ala Contra or Metal Slug. Castle Crashers was a brawler ala Final Fight and TMNT. But, Game 3 doesn't fall into a specific genre.

It's very much a multiplayer action game. Again, it seems like it'll be fun, but I didn't really have that much fun with it at PAX. The game mode we played had a floating whale that gave out coins. You pick up as many coins at possible and deposit them in a floating bank. The opposing team can knock you out and steal your coins, so be careful! It was simple, and didn't have much more to it other than jumping around.

I love the art, though. You can choose your head, face and weapon. The faces range from stern to excited to intense. The weapons can be defensive or offensive. I played with a fan, which repeled most projectile weapons.

The Behemoth's Development Video #1 shows exactly how the game is played. I didn't get much more out of the game having already seen this video. Check it out:


Game 3 has only been announced, and has no release date, or even a name, yet.

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