Dynamite Destruction Derby

This weekend, my friends and I fulfilled our childish desires for seeing car get all smashed up and wrecked by going to a Demolition Derby out near Michicot, Wi.

It was pretty well attended.. I didn't think that so many people would actually show up for this..

Beer was actually quite affordable at a mere $4 for 2 cans of Miller, Bud or Coors, so we were well able to sit back and take in all the slamming.

The event started off with one of the announcers piling through "The Wall". The Wall consisted of any numbers of cars positioned upright for a car to easily plow right through. Apparently the world record is going through a 10 car Wall.

So.. the guy drove and the track once.. waving to the crowd. He got his speed up enough and WHAM.

bye bye car.. let's see a closeup of that!

The car went flying, and the announcer is the b4u car is perfectly fine, as he flounders a victory lap. The rest of the event featured several different alterations of the circular track with different modes.

There was the chain race, where two car are chained together and the first group to cross the finish while still attached is the winner. There was the bump 'n run, which is a tag team race. One team member drives around the track and then bumps into his teammate at the finish line. Then that teammate drives around the track and does the same for several laps.

There was the 360 race, where each car had to spin 360 degrees around the finish lap for the lap to count

Then they began to change up the course a little bit, using the the little 'pit' area near the finish line. The car had to go past the finish line turn around through the pit area and back out into the race.

Then they got even more crazy and constructed an obstacle course the car had to run around in.

After all the races were completed, the drivers finished off the event with a roll over challenge. Cars drove right into a raised ramp and tried to flip their car as much as possible.

Once all the racers score were tabulated and 6 top-runners were selected, the school bus race began.

Overall, it was quite fun.. The crowd really got into the event and were a lot of fun to be with ^_^. Good times.

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