NBC Monday Night updates

Heroes is really coming down to the wire. After last week's phenomenal episode, the story continues to build to the fall season finale. This story arc ends next week, and with that we probably won't see any new episodes of Heroes for a while, due to strike. With the strike.. episode 11 of Heroes Season 2 is somewhat posed to be the overall season finale. (source: aint it cool).

Recanting last week's post, "Journeyman will be canceled unless the two-parter (episodes 8 and 9) .. brings big numbers." I watched both episodes and they were quite good. I'm almost sad to see the show go. The plot of Journeyman is really coming together, and the fall finale (two-parter of episodes 11 and 12) bring the plot full circle as it is finally told why Dan is traveling through time.

Journeyman has 3 episodes left, but won't be airing next week. Next week, after Heroes, that new cop-drama, Life, will air the beginning of a two-parter to end on its normal timeslot on Wednesday. The week after is Journeyman's "Christmas episode". The next Monday after that on December 17th, will be the first episode of the finale, episode 11. Unfortunately, it seems that episode 12 may not even air according to Aint it Cool.

After watching this past week, I'm really quite excited to see what happens, but with the numbers in the toilet, it doesn't seem like Journeyman will even gets its end aired. But, for those fans out there, Journeyman will be released on DVD will its high-budgeted music soundtrack intact, and including all episodes. (source: aint it cool).

At this time, NBC has ordered more episodes of Life and that crappy show Chuck, through the rest of their debut seasons... but Journeyman is still on the chopping block. (source: aint it cool).

I'd probably like Journeyman more if the episodes followed a stricter plot. The episodes have been very episodic, giving bits and pieces of the overall plot in each episode. I'd much rather be absorbed in the story the whole time, like in Heroes and Lost, then you can see everything in the show develop at once.. characters evolve.. plot is continuous. You never feel like you're wasting your time watching an episode.

Oh well...

In other news.... Strike

Some of the commercials tonight for new programming beginning in January really makes me feel like the Strike is taking its toll on programming. Especially with a trailer for the return of American Gladiators to prime-time television, beginning January 7th-ish. ugh... I'll probably still watch the premiere episode, though..

Some good news, though.. Yet another Aint it Cool article states that the strike could be resolved before Christmas. Nice! ^_^

...and just in time for the strike ending, I got my "Support the Strike" cancer bracelets in the mail today.

Lemme know if you'd like a bracelet.. I ordered 20 because I felt like giving $10 rather than a few bucks, and I only have one left arm.

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