Musical Weekend

Musical Weekend

This weekend, I happened to do a lot of music related activities.

Jonathan Coulton @ Majestic

On Friday, Jonathan Coulton was in town and brought his pals Paul and Storm.

Paul and Storm were a decent opening act, but a lot of their humor feel short with me. I thought the bulk out their comedy was a little too obvious and wasn't really as clever as Coulton's songwriting.

Coulton was absolutely hilarious though. ^_^ My favorite part of the night was totally his live rendition of Mr. Fancy Pants with his Midi Controller in which he rick roll'd several times. I tried to find a YouTube of him doing it, but it appears he does that song differently each time.

Coulton was great, but the best part of the night was running into plenty of friends whom I thought would show up and some I didn't expect ^_^. I went with Tony and Erika, and met up with Dan & Becky. Stacie was there too; I hadn't seen her in a while. One of my co-workers, Chris, got in at the last minute. And Kyle Heins, too! If this was slightly coordinated better, we could've hung out for a while, but oh well. Tony, Erika, Dan & Becky and I went to a bar downtown for a while before heading home for the evening and that worked out great ^_^

Also, I probably could've taken better pictures, but I decided to hang out and listen to the music and my top priority of the evening instead. Plus, the whole place was decked out with chairs.. how the hell are you supposed to get into the music when you're sitting on your ass!? Oh well, these songs weren't really the dancing or rocking out variety.

Eccentric Beats 5 Year Anniversary

The next day, I took a greyhound up to Minneapolis to catch Eccentric Beats 5 year anniversary in 1st Ave's VIP room. My little sister picked me up from the bus stop, we hung around for a bit, and went downtown with her friend Phil.

For their 5th Anniversary, Phil Good and the crew got Phil K to headline their event with a couple other people ahead of time.

Symmetry Jen & Ricky the Golden Child

When we finally got inside, we were greeted with Jen and Ricky who were quite fun. ^_^ I don't exactly remember what genre they were spinning. Breaky House, maybe? I dunno... I'm horrible with that side of the spectrum.

Leon J

Before we knew it, Leon J got his turn on the decks and the night was absolute gold. Leon J tore the tracks up and down and all over the place. His energy kept the beat very strong and very hard minute after minute after minute. My night was made, thanks to him.

He handed out a couple of CDs and I snatched one right away. As his music filled the entire room, more and more people began to show up and the people began to fill in all the space the music occupied. Everyone was up on their feet and moving around thanks to Leon J. Leon's hour was over far too quick.

Phil K

A little bit after midnight, Phil K arrived and took over. He started with some smooth sounds and it felt pretty standard the whole night. Maybe I don't have the ear I thought I did for his music, but Leon J stole the show, in my opinion. Phil K's could not reach the energy level Leon already hit.

Overall, it was a fantastic night ^_^. It was the first time I had ever been to 1st Ave, despite it being the oldest running venue in Minneapolis. It was also the first time I got to bring my little sister along, so that was fun too. Afterwards, she brought me to her bars down in Hopkins and we got to run around and be belligerent drunks and ruin people's Sunday mornings.

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