Sasha & Involver 2 further thoughts

Last week, I picked up Involver 2 without giving it much thought.  I found it at the first place I went to!  But after researching it a little bit, it seems they released a Limited Edition version.  I'm not quite sure why I didn't realize this since nearly every Global Underground release has a Limited Edition.  Buying it from Amazon was quite easy.  They had plenty.

Besides the nifty packaging, it also included a second CD with extra tracks and remixes, so that was reason enough to make the purchase.

Over the weekend, I went out to Milwaukee with Dave and hung out with Matt and Dan.  I popped Involver 2 into Dave's car and we listened to it quite a bit.  It's interesting how the CD takes a completely different form when the bass is the prominent sound.  Not saying that Dave has the most kickass sound system, but the Bass really takes on a melody of its own.

Man...  It really puts me in the mood to see him live again.  Or Digweed for that matter.  Digweed is a virtuoso of progressive pounding Bass.

Luckily, Sasha has a free mix on his website, which you can download directly from here.  It's his "Thanks" to his fans.  It's amazing how very very Digweed this mix sounds.  I wonder if his Sasha+Digweed reunion tour earlier this year really inspired him to pull into a deep progressive direction.

Like every new piece of music, I listen to it over and over again at work until I get sick of it.  I think I listened to it 3 times today...

When I returned from Milwaukee, I came to find that I had received my LE copy of Involver 2.  Here it is:

It comes in a nifty little pamphlet.  It's a little different than the first Involver LE which came in a pillow-pack.

The second disc of Involver 2 is neat, but quite unloved.  The care and attention that was put into the album as a whole was lost on this extras disc, but I guess that's to be expected.  Each song is very chill, even compared to the opening of Involver 2.  I only listened to it once though.  It didn't hold my attention the same way the actual Involver 2 does.

I'm excited again for Sasha after hearing his recent stuff.  During his Fundacion phase, I was starting to feel unmoved by his music.  I was starting to wait for what he had next, rather than not wanting it to end.  In fact, I missed him once or twice as he passed through the midwest and really didn't care.  But now I can't wait for him to get back here.  Hell, if he's in or around Tampa, I'd go visit Justin and make him bring me there. ^_^

Good Stuff.

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