October this year is going to be something special. Many musical events are beginning to align themselves to make October 2009 one of the best months out of the entire year! I must be inclined to label this coming October as the rocking-est Rocktober ever. Though, Tim Shafer had already used that tagline to promote his upcoming game Brutal Legend.

On with the events!

Thursday, October 1st // Moby @ Myth, Minneapolis // link

Friday, October 9th // Armin van Buuren @ Visions, Chicago

Saturday October 10th // John Digweed @ Visions, Chicago // link

Friday October 30th // Sasha @ House of Blues, Chicago // link

Sunday November 1st // Tiesto @ The Rave, Milwaukee

Sasha, Digweed AND Moby all in the same month! Also, Armin and Tiesto. I already wrote a little post about what Moby means to me, but Sasha...

I love Sasha

I was hoping that Sasha would stop by the Midwest this year. ^_^ He was here last year with John Digweed.  Also,  e was touring solo for the release of Involver 2. But he completely skipped the Midwest! Involver 2 was pretty cool, though. ^_^

Now that I have an iPod, I've been reacquainting myself with the music I have loved so much. And then using that to springboard into music I've missed over the more recent years. 2003 Sasha to 2007 Sasha, 2008 and 2009. I've been listening to it so much that I had hoped I would see him live rather soon. It's rather fitting that he would be here a week after my birthday. ^_^

Definitely check out the following sets.. These are some of my favorites:

August 4th, 2002 // Essential Mix, Sasha @ Manumission, Priviledge, Ibiza
June 27th, 2003 // Sasha @ Glastonbury 2003
October 19th, 2003 // Sasha & James Zabiela for Annie Nightengale
August 11th, 2007 // Essential Mix, Sasha @ Cream, Amnesia, Ibiza
July 31st, 2008 // Sasha @ Cream, Amnesia, Ibiza

Even since my introduction to Sasha through Wipeout 3 and Global Underground, I've been hooked. For the most part, I've gone out of my way to catch him whenever he's nearby. Except for one or twice, when I didn't know he was nearby or I was too busy with things. As such, this will be my 8th time seeing him live (6th time solo).

April 24th, 2002 // Sasha + Digweed, Delta Heavy Tour @ The Quest, Minneapolis // text <-- god, horribly written.
July 5th, 2003 // Sasha @ The Quest, Minneapolis // pics
March 13th, 2004 // Sasha @ Visions, Chicago // text, pics
June 17th, 2004 // Sasha, Involver Tour @ Sound Bar, Chicago // pics
October 26th, 2004 // Sasha @ Club Escape, Minneapolis // pics
June 10th, 2005 // Sasha, Fundacion Tour @ Sound Bar, Chicago // pics
April 16th, 2008 // Sasha + Digweed, Spring Tour @ Epic, Minneapolis // post pics


I've seen Digweed a couple times, aside from the times listed above w/ Sasha.

August 24th, 2004 // John Digweed @ Club Escape, Minneapolis // pics
March 9th, 2007 // John Digweed @ Myth, Minneapolis // post pics

I find it really amazing who their sound changes from when they DJ solo and when they DJ together.

Armin, Tiesto

Armin is pretty sweet, but Tiesto is a bit of joke. Tiesto is on the same level as Paul Oakenfold. Speaking of which, what is Oakenfold even doing lately? I haven't heard of him in quite a while.

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