John Digweed @ Visions, Chicago

It takes a keen ear and a little patience to truly admire the sounds of John Digweed. The set lists that he builds are incredibly progressive and technically brilliant. Tracks are meticulously chosen to build the progression of the set into a massive wall of bass. Every time I've seen Digweed live, I have been absolutely blown away and wonder why I don't follow him as much as other DJs.

The last time, I saw Digweed was with Sasha for their Spring tour on April 16th, 2008. But, the last time I saw him solo was on March 10th, 2007. At the end of both of those nights, I couldn't believe how fast the time had gone by.. Unfortunately, his set at Visions last night didn't capture they way he had in the past. It felt a little off. There were times during his set I felt took a little too long before pulling back into some amazing tracks.

And he played some pretty amazing tracks. The thunderous bass, and subtle simple melodies completely immerse me into a body of a sound. It pounds at my heart and its waves wash over me.


Opening for Digweed was Chicago local Wahi. Wahi is quite entertaining. He was rather expert at warming up the crowd and leading into Digweed's set without out performing Digweed. He set the stage for what was about to arrive and Digweed built off that energy easily with the first tracks of his set.

Wahi has a guest set available on his website at Wahi music dot com. If you sign up for his mailing list (somehow), he'll have links in their for a download of his recent broadcast of Spectrum, his radio show on Proton radio.

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