Music Week in the Midwest

Bears and Squirrels aren't the only animals that hibernate throughout winter. We all do. It's fricken cold outside. Screw concerts and bar hopping. In addition, most musicians and events avoid these months to perform for the same reason. No one wants to come here, and no one wants to go outside.

But, once the snow melts, and the temperature becomes comfortable everyone is outside and doing things in the Midwest. And fantastic outside talent begin their Spring tours with many locations in the Midwest on their list.

There have been some fantastic music performances this year already, but there's this one week in May that's Jam packed with amazing musical talent. It's the week of May 17th through the 23rd. Here are the events that are piling up:

Mon 5/17 - MC Frontalot @ High Noon, Madison (Nerdcore)
Wed 5/19 - Nullsleep @ Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago (Chiptune)
Fri 5/21 - MC Chris @ The Annex, Madison (Nerdcore)
Fri 5/21 - Sasha @ Spy Bar, Chicago (Prog. House)
Fri 5/21 - Paul van Dyk @ Epic, Minneapolis (Trance / House)
Sat 5/22 - Paul van Dyk + Paul Oakenfold @ Congress, Chicago (Trance / House)

I don't know why this single week of the year is such a massive bullseye for music. I'm out of town that whole week, anyway, so I will miss all of them.

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