Moby announces new album!

Moby announced details of his upcoming album this morning on his blog. It is entitled "Destroyed", and it compliments a book release for Moby, also entitled "Destroyed".  The book features a collection of photographs he has captured over his years of photography.

The album and the book are slated for release in mid-May 2011.

BUT TODAY! You can download an EP of "Be The One" which includes 3 tracks from "Destroyed", including "Be The One", "Sevastopol", and "Victoria Lucas". So far the album sounds amazing. The EP really returns to Moby's core sound featured in his albums Play and 18. I love it. I can't wait to here the whole thing. ^_^

Also, he mentioned with the release of "Destroyed" he has a lot of live shows planned between May and September. Hopefully he'll make it through the Midwest!

Take a look at moby dot com for more information

Here's his announcement of the album

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