Protest! (Day 4)

Today is the fourth straight day of the protests in Madison, and I finally got a chance to check them out and put in my support against this bill.

The Capitol is absolutely packed. A few hundred showed up on Monday, a few thousand on Tuesday, 13,000 on Wednesday, and they are predicting 30,000 will show up today. When I entered the Capitol, I was blown away (ign dot com) by the noise. I feel like I was entering a basketball game.

The center of the Capitol has a drum circle that thunders throughout the building. The cheering and yelling drowns out any ability to hear yourself think. It's intoxicating, and empowering. It's absolutely nuts.

Here's a couple photos from this morning. (Click the top 4 to embiggen!)

I'm headed back to the Capitol now, so there's more where this came from. ^_^

Update!: Here's a few more pictures from this evening

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