Protest! (Day 12)

Today is Friday, and I grabbed a few more pictures after work. There were many protesters right outside Walker's office banging on their drums during his press conference. And there were plenty of protestors in the center of the rotunda riling up the crowd.

The Capitol has changed quite a bit over the past week. People have started calling this place home. There are family areas, food areas, and even a lending library. Sleeping bags and mattresses line the walls on the upper levels. And the noise level has calmed down quite a bit from the massive high energy yells of the crowd, to a somber rhythmic pounding of drums.

I feel like much of today is holding off, and building up support for the massive demostrations planned for tomorrow. I've been invited to so many facebook events for rallies starting at Noon on Saturday.

Anywho... pictures!

Anti-Walker and Pro-Union posters line almost all the walls of the Capitol interior.

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