Protest! (Day 20)

Saturday is always the biggest protest day of the week. Today's rally was being held at Noon through 4pm. They had a massive lineup of speakers and musicians from across the nation to fire up the crowd.

I got to take a few aerial shots from a nearby building thanks to Skatje.

As you can see, there was a pretty big turn out. Protestors circled around the Capitol, while others piled at the King St. and State St. entrance to hear speakers. There were people handed up candy. There were street vendors. There was a marching band. Plus everyone walking around the Square resembled a parade. The Rally felt more like a county fair than a protest.

The Capitol was finally open to the public again after we've been shut out all week long. However, Entry requires a pass through Security. They looked through my bag, and then wanded me to see what metal I was carrying. Noisemakers, animals, signs, blow horns, speakers and several other objects are now contraband inside the Capitol.

Inside, the crowd was somewhat sparse. I guess most people wanted to be part of the larger crowds outside. Protestors yelled at the top of their lungs to have their voices heard. There was probably no more than 500 people inside.

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