Protest! (Day 9)

Much like yesterday, I stopped by the Capitol after work today. I got there to catch the tail end of the 5pm Rally. It ended around 10 minutes to 6pm, which was when Scott Walker addressed the state in a "fireside chat". Everyone from the Rally poored into the Capitol and began chanting right outside his door to make the live address as difficult as possible.


Directly ahead, several monitors are setup to watch Wisconsin Eye as they broadcast everything going on behind closed doors.

Everyone gathers directly outside Walker's office to disrupt his address

The Governor's office is straight ahead.

I am having WAYYY too much fun taking photos and dumping them into Microsoft ICE to create those panaramic and fisheye photos. Thanks to #Five for pointing me to this application. ^_^ Definitely check it out:

Update! Be sure to check out ustream for a constant live feed into the rotunda of the Capitol.

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