Healthcare March on Capitol Square

"What do we want?" "Healthcare Reform" "When do we want it?" "Now!"

Yesterday, was a beautiful day in Madison. ...for a protest! Several hundred (maybe even a thousand) students, workers, farmers, moms, dads, kids, and old people gathered in Memorial Park. Several organizers passed out information leaflets, makeshift "Health For All" protester signs, and some buttons.

I met up with Leif and Caleb. We just stood around in the back and watched the crowd begin to form. Around 2.30p, the crowd started making a bit of noise. Those with musical instruments started playing some "pump up" songs for the crowd. And one of the guys with a megaphone started spreading the word. "We're all here today for the same thing. We want healthcare reform, and we want it now! Let's march on the Capitol!"

And with that crowd began oozing down State, and completely screwing up traffic. Go Team!

There were plenty of gawkers and poorly recanted chants. One such highly educated protestor misspelled "Care" on the back on her T-shirt.

Unless "Cayre" is some kind of protesting meme i'm unaware of. Or even one that Google is un-familiar with, for that matter.


When the mob reached the Capitol it was time for some words. Unfortunately, I don't remember any of these people's names. (With the exception of Tammy Baldwin, obviously). I figured this event was pretty well covered given the turnout and news reporters at the scene. But, I cannot find any information about this protest at all. You'd think someone would've reported something.

Jesus, I guess in that way, this protest was a collosal failure. Were the speeches given at the Capitol merely self serving choir preaching?

I don't follow politics at all, so most of the information didn't really stick on me. The woman organizer talked about stuff. Then they presented this old hippy with a plaque.

Then a doctor took the podium. He recanting a story of a 30 year old came through the ER having a diebetic episode. He did not know he had diebetis, because he couldn't afford Health Insurance. After the ER visit, he still couldn't afford health care.. 3 months later, when he ran out of insulin, the doctor met his patient again in the ER. He was in shock again from diebetis.

Next up was a school teacher... I think. I am completely blanking on what she was talking about. Something about United Health care.

Next up, a farmer talked about how he's done everything right by his family and the community. But because they don't make a whole lot of money on the farm, he can't afford healthcare for his family, nor his workers on the farm.

Next up, this women talked about her battle with Breast Cancer and how her insurance provider kept changing the grammar of her plan to avoid paying for "preventive" care. Like Xrays, annual checkups. It was pretty sad.

This next guy was a great speaker. This preacher talked about how his parents are great Americans, who've played by the "rules" the entire life. They had great jobs, and supported the economy all these years. But... they worked for GM. And because of the recession, GM would no longer provide extensive healthcare for their employees.

You may have great healthcare now, but what happens when those that provide it to you can no longer afford to do so? He had always thought that there were two kinds of Americans.. those with healthcare, and those without. However, with these economic times, he revised his statement:

There are 2 kinds of Americans: Those that care about healthcare reform, and those that will in the future when they are forced to care.

For their final demostration, Tammy Baldwin was given the podium. She talked about how she's fighting for the public to have a choice in healthcare. And how the other senators in Wisconsin don't know what they're doing.

"What do we want?" "Healthcare Reform" "When do we want it?" "Now!"

That's about it.

After that, the crowd began to disperse. Leif, Caleb, and I met up with Zaher. We went over to Genna's on the square and drank beer for a couple hours.

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