Protest! (Day 25)

On Wednesday night, the Republican senate removed the Collection Bargaining rights of the Budget repair into its own bill, so they could ram in through the assembly and pass it immediately. WHICH means that busting the unions had nothing to do with balancing the budget AT ALL. Thousands scrambled to the Capitol, and started flooding inside.

On Thursday afternoon, students of East and West Madison High Schools walked out and gathered at the Capitol around Noon.

After work, I stopped by the Capitol to take some photos of the 5pm protest. It took place on State St., as PA systems and demonstrations are no longer allowed on the Capitol Square without a permit.

After chanting with the crowd, and listening to a couple union reps, I went inside around 5:40pm. 20 minutes before it closes. There were about 100 or 200 people inside. Someone smuggled in a megaphone, so the crowd took turns saying their peace. I found Molly and Caleb's Mom inside!

As closing time approached, the newly installed PA system for the Capitol announces they'll be closing at 6pm. At 6pm, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs came to the center of the crowd, and starting talking with the main protesters.

After a 10 minutes conversation, one of the protesters hopped up on the chair, and told the crowd that we've been asked to leave, and we should take all of our belongings with us.

I was getting bored, and had tons of stuff to do at home, so I left. Molly and Caleb's Mom remained inside, along with the most of the crowd. Only 20 or 30 of us left.

About 40 minutes later, it was reported that all protesters had left the building, except for 2 which were dragged out. Still no arrests. I wonder if one of those 2 was Molly...

Outside, there was about 1000 protesters circling Capitol Square, banging drums, blowing vuvuzelas.

These protests are far from over. The Republicans might have thought ramming the bill through would put all of this behind, but things have only escalated.

Saturday will be huge!

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