Digweed @ Myth, Minneapolis

Despite considering alternatives, i decided to get in my car and drive up to the twin cities to check out Digweed at that new club in maplewood. I'd never been a big fan of Digweed.. His Kiss 100 sets never really stuck with me, and i never really listened to his CDs at great length. I finally just the chance to see him back in 2004 (pics), and it blew me away. His progressive style is really brought out by the massive amounts of bass pumped into the atmosphere. I was quite turned around after that point ^_^.

On the way up, i stopped off at Best Buy and as luck would have it, they had a copy of Digweed's new CD, Transitions vol. 2. It's a great listen ^_^

I got to Myth around 10pm and crap! This place is huge. I thought it was pretty hilarious that they a built a club right next to Maplewood mall, but think of the convience! Hardly any traffic and parking up to wazoo. Now you'll actually get the people that care about being at that club.. Not just a bunch of drunks bar hopping around Minneapolis' warehouse district. It's still kinda weird though.. Big fancy ass club nestled in between an Ashley's furniture and Toys R Us. I probably should've taken a picture.

Anywho, as i got inside the air was filled with the incredible sounds of Eccentric Beats, Phil Martinez and his pal. The air was also filled with smoke. I walked past some staff saying that they couldn't stop it.. By it, they meant the smoke machines, not a fire. I thought it was rather odd that there was this much smoke in the building.. I mean, you couldn't see but several feet in front of you.

15 minutes later, this bit the club in the ass as the fire alarm went off. I thought it was pretty hilarious that some people were still dancing to the fire alarm before they realized it WAS a fire alarm. Hell, i thought it was music too for a couple of moments.

The fire alarm went on for about another 15 minutes before they finally got their act together and fixed the problem.. How embarrassing..

Eventually eccentric beats finally got control of the sound system back and began to rip tracks and tear up the place, but not before Jack Trash came up with a little bit of an announcement. Mstrkrft, the other main attraction, were apparently stuck in their hotel's elevator upon their embarkment to Myth. So JT got Digweed to the club as fast as possible while Hotel security tried to free Mstrkrft from their cage.

It certainly seemed like it was the night of disasters.. jesus. In fact, Mstrkrft ended up being stuck in that elevator all night and finally got to the club around 2am.. closing time. But, this meant a full 2 hour long set by Digweed, so it worked out great for me.

Digweed came out on stage and began his set around Midnight. Amazing. Bass filled the air, and pounded my body. I was bathed in rich creamy Sound. Unfortunately, since i don't listen to Digweed all that often, i couldn't trainspot any of the tracks.. His Transitions CD is a good vantage point to reliving this music though... you just need a wall of bass to actually experience it.

Anywho, my pictures are rather few from this event since i was rocking out up front the entire time in anticipation of getting my Transitions CD signed.

Success! Why yes, that is the Communicate Vinyl that guy has holding in front of me.

I should've brought in some of my Global Underground CDs of his though.. oh well.. here's the rest of the pictures: http://www.theschlock.com/photo/070309_digweed/.

I did run into some old friends from Platteville: Andy and Kristin. I was pretty damn surprised to see them, as they were i, but after we thought about it.. duh. It's Digweed in Minneapolis for godsake. It was good to see them again ^_^. I think the last time i ran into them was at Sasha last time he was in Minneapolis (pics).

Andy works for a cellphone company in the Minnetonka area developing those international chips for cell phones. Which means he writes assembly all day long in the pursuit of happiness. Since he works on international soft/hardware he gets to travel quite a bit.. His job has shipped him over to France and Austrailia. Pretty soon, he's going over to Tokyo too. All expenses paid, so it's not all bad ^_^.

So those little international chips that are in those new DoCoMo 'world' phones in Japan are developed back over here in Minneapolis ^_^. That's pretty slick.


Anywho, the next huge event going on in Minneapolis looks to be Paul Van Dyk hitting Myth on May 10th. I'd absolutely go to that, if it weren't on a Thursday.. But, going to Minneapolis affords many opportunities other than musical.. It might be worth a vacation day ^_^

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