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I ran across a fun thread on the NeoGAF, where people would post all of the games they plan on purchases over the next month, though i think the intent was to post games that had purchased throughout the month.. I thought it was pretty neat. You can see what people are actually buying, rather than look at sales numbers or just what people are complaining about, or simply what they are playing.

Concurrently to this, personally, i've been keeping track of all the games i own for well over a year. I think i inventoried all my games around the Summer of 2004, or sometime in that Fall season. Actually, maybe it was that christmas break. Some people at SPAMM had their own game lists, and i knew my game library kicked the ass out of their game library. So i cataloged.

Here's the old one: It worked out pretty well. All the code is stuffed into one html file, which makes updated and upkeep rather easy.

Of course, no one really gave a shit.. None the less, i kept it updated and linked it from Cheap Ass Gamer like a bunch of other gaming nerds do.

In recently months, i had actually been doing something similar to what the NeoGAFers had been doing, but only in comment form.. If you view the source of that page, you'll notice after the more recently entries they have a '//added mm/dd/yyyy' after them.

I hadn't extended this idea to code or design, but that's what i did yesterday. I think the NeoGAFers were onto something, so i took it and ran with it.

Here's the new games list:

The games2.html page is pretty much the same. The only thing i did was pull out most of the javascript and css into their own files for the other page to share.. is the new file that extends my games list with all my recent purchases. I also took the idea a little further by adding where i bought the game, and how much it cost.

Even though, i could probably go back a couple months and fill in information, i think i'm just going to pitch March 2007 as my starting point. That way it'll be 100% correct, rather than missing a few pieces.

In the future, it might be fun to start adding in statistic gathering and create Trend graphs and the like.  Before that, i should probably update this with server-side scripting so it loads as fast as possible.

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