Vacation Time

Whee.. Off to Japan.

I leave Saturday Morning (right now, actually) and return next Sunday afternoon. That's about 8 1/2 days; however, subtract 2 days out of that for traveling.  And another 2 days of travel between Fukuoka and Nagasaki.  So i've got about 4 whole days in Nagasaki, which doesn't really seem like a lot :/

Hmm... I might actually be able to grab a bus to Nagasaki in Fukuoka right as i arrive.  I should probably arrive around 10pm, and those buses continue until Midnight.  That should probably work.  Then i could probably hit up cybac in Nagasaki, rather than fukuoka.  That would give me an extra day in Nagasaki.

of course, that would decrease the amount of time spent in Fukuoka.  I think i'd rather do that on the way out though.

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