One Month

where does the time go? November just began, and now it's already freakin' over.

Today marks the time of one month remaining in Japan.  Actually, a little less than one month.  By this time, one month from now, i'll be on a plane back to the America.  Penniless and Sad...

It didn't really hit me how much i would miss this place until yesterday.  I was watching this travel show that #five told me to check out, ã?¦ã?«ã?«ã?³.  Each week, they send someone off to another country to do stuff.  Last night, she went to Brazil (i think), where see learned the art of candy.  She met some amazing people, plenty of friends, and great times.

When it was time to leave, her eyes were already shrink-wrapped in tears and everyone was so sad that she had to leave.  I thought about my own situation, and it really hit me...

everyone that i've met here...  everyone that i've become friends with, acquantances with, etc..  i'll probably never really see them again.  especially not in the capcity of seeing them each day.  i plan on visiting when i can, but...

sadness...  i really won't have any opportunity to live here again either, unless i get a job here and that's really out of the question since Japan sucks for "fun" jobs.  Sigh... who knows.  perhaps there's another way i haven't quite come across yet.  Perhaps, in the future, my job, or some other job can give me access to Japan.

Anyways...  for those who are still in college, Study Abroad.  I wish i would've done it alot sooner, so i could've done it again and again.

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