Technical Difficulties

well, it didn't take long for my brand new laptop to break.

So...  yesterday, we were all sitting in teh lab going about our business.  I was watching some cheap ass gamer videos.  I got a whif of something on fire.  It smelt rather familar, like the smoke emitted from a soddering iron.  Brian also smelt this delectable stentch and commented, "say.. do you guys smell smoke?"

We looked around a little bit, and then i took a look at my keyboard.  "Holy crap, there's smoke coming from my laptop!  wtf!"  I quickly unplugged it and turned it off.  Hmmm....  that's rather odd.

The truth is, i had smelt this before while i was in a lab, but i didn't think anything of it.  I didn't quite realize it was my laptop that was smoking...

Later on in the evening, i turned it on to access the damage.  It seemed to work perfectly fine.  Hmmm...  I began writing out all the backlogged blog entries that i haven't gotten to yet.  I actually spent time writing them, so they are't as poorly written as the previous couple of entries you may have read.

I didn't plug my laptop into the wall though, so the batteries became low on power.  "Well, i suppose i'd better plug it in to regenerate the battery."  I plugged it in and nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I continued typing along and saving every now and then.  30 minutes later, poof.  It just shut off.

"that's odd..  the system icon said the battery was charging.."  I rebooted, and the computer died again after 10 seconds.  I removed the battery and tried using just the AC power, which didn't work at all.

My diagnosis is that the AC power port has fried itself, so i can ONLY use battery power and the laptop cannot recharge the battery.

Hmmm.... come to think of it, my camera batteries haven't been charging here either.  I wrote this one off as unimportant though, since my batteries were quite old and can be easily replaced.  However, now it's quite similar to the same situation i have with my laptop. 

This has really only EVER been a problem at school though.  My laptop has never caught fire anywhere else other than using the power strips at school.  Japan is kinda weird when it comes to power.  You'll never find an outlet with 3 prongs, only 2.  So i had to get a power converter to use these 2 pronged outlets.  Perhaps the dip in power actually kept my laptop from overheating and starting on fire.  The school has these 3 prong power strips, rather than ones that require power converters.

HMMMMMMMM......   so currently i'm laptop-less.  I sent an email off hp compaq concerning the warrenty and fixing of my laptop, but i'm not really going to be able to send it in for repairs.  I'll have to see what they say about it.  It might be faster to purchase a laptop battery charger, and tough it out until January and then send it in for repairs.

Unfortunately, HP Compaq have ZERO japanese support, so either way i'm going to have to pay shipping charges overseas.  I do have an external harddrive to store my photos on, so i should be able to continue to take massive amounts of photos.


Anyways, before my laptop caught fire, i did upload all my pictures from the weekend.  here are the directories

Oct 5th, Kimono

Oct 6th, Ura Kunchi

Oct 7th, Kunchi  check out the entire kunchi festival

Oct 8th, Penguin Aquarium

Oct 8th, Kunchi

Oct 9th, Kunchi

I pet a penguin!!

Now, i just need to upload all the stories that go along with them. :/

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